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As we approach school closures, lots of children and young people will have a lot of time on their hands. I have been made aware today that Sony, Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo have already reported large increases in users on their platforms and the developers behind Fortnite have reported a large spike in users.

This is likely to continue over the coming weeks and months. So with that in mind here are some handy links for parents and carers on setting parental controls on consoles and gadgets. This should help to ease some worries and give you the ability to protect your children from accessing inappropriate material. – An excellent site for setting parental controls  with easy step by step picture guides on how to set controls on most popular gadgets. – This is the Local authority website and it’s new. It will be added to over the coming days and weeks as more information becomes available. You will find useful advice, guides and links on a variety of internet and gaming related topics/issues. – This is an NSPCC site and contains some great information on popular apps and games.

Also recommended for people to download is the Pegi age rating app available in all the app stores. The app provides excellent information on video game age ratings.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you know of any other sites which you have found useful and may be helpful to other parents and carers, please let me know.