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Modern media and technology can be fun, informative and a great way to explore, learn, develop and enhance our daily life. However it also comes with its fair share of risks and dangers and sadly all too often it’s used inappropriately with little or no thought of the consequences of misuse.

Modern media and technology has also had a major impact upon family lifestyles and without the appropriate measures in place can impact on the way families interact and socialise together. As we all approach a 24hr plugged in online society we risk losing those valuable activities that quality family time brings, such as face to face interaction, play time, exercise and the importance of spending time away from our screens and gadgets.

Creating a Family Media Plan allows your family to look at how modern media and technology can work best for you. By working together as a family you get to set the rules, to create the goals and aims around the use of all the devices within your home. You also get to set and agree the important times when everyone can stop, switch off and take a break from their screens and devices.  

Creating a Family Media Plan is also a great place to start those often difficult conversations with your family around the risks and dangers they face online and allows you to set simple rules that make you all a lot safer.

Making a Family Media Plan is easy and we have included an easy to follow template for you to complete on the link below.

Remember to work together to agree your plan and revisit it often as your family grows and develops, but also to meet the every changing world of modern media and technology