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UK SAYS NO MORE  – End Domestic Abuse

UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign to raise awareness to end domestic abuse and sexual violence across the UK. The campaign provides resources to help organisations take action and work to make a difference.

Among the resources is a specific toolkit written by young people and designed to help parents speak to teenagers about healthy relationships and topics such as sex, consent and abuse.


In March 2020, to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we were asked to stay at home. But home isn’t a safe place for everyone. With victims increasingly trapped at home with their abusers, domestic abuse cases surged. As we endure a second lockdown in England and Wales and restricted movement in Scotland and Northern Ireland many more people will endure domestic abuse. When lockdown measures are lifted or reduce this will remain a critical time for survivors.

Friends, family members and colleagues can make a difference. UK SAYS NO MORE is encouraging bystanders to get help if they witness or suspect domestic abuse.

If you need help or support you can contact the website below for advice.